Death, The Beginning or end of the life! (Part 2)

Death is a Transition
These Guides have taught us that death is not the end of life. In the Qur’anic language, Death is not 'anti-life'. It is not 'nothing'. Like 'Life', 'Death' is a 'Created thing'. Allah says in the Qur’an:Blessed be He… Who has created death and life, so that He might test you which of you is most righteous in action﴿‌. (Qur’an, 67:1-2)

And the Creator of Death and Life has decreed that a Soul, once created, will never perish. It will live for ever. According to Islamic teachings, death is a continuation of life, but in another place. Once we accept this Truth, it stands to reason that those who would be obedient to Allah, leading virtuous life, would welcome the chance of leaving this transitory world, to live in eternal bliss in the sight of Allah. For such persons, death is a welcome and pleasant stage through which they gladly pass to reach their desired goal.

On the other hand, if his life is spent in transgression of the commands of Allah, he will understandably shrink from the name of death. For such a person, death is the beginning of eternal misery and disgrace. Therefore, he is bound to hate death.

Allah addresses the Holy Prophet in the Qur’an, in these words: -'Say, 'O ye who follow the Jewish religion! If you say that you are the friends of God above other men, then wish for death if you speak truth?' But they will never wish for it, because of that which their hands have sent before them; and God well knows the unjust.﴿‌ (Qur’an, 62:6-7)

These two aspects of death are explained by all the Masumeen (peace be on them all); and in the next chapter some traditions are quoted for the benefit of the readers.

The Soul neither Enters the Body nor Gets Out of it

It must be understood that the relation between the soul and the body is not by way of Hulool (penetrative migration). It is not like the entrance of water in a utensil or of air in vacuum. It also cannot be said that it remains out of body or it goes out of it at the time of death because soul is essence, not matter. There is no question of its entering or vacating. The only thing is that its relation with body is such that it remains fully attentive to the body. Death disconnects this relation.

It is also obligatory for us to believe that death occurs by the command of God. The same Power, which had, established this relation in the womb, at the last moment of the worldly life, disconnects this relation between the body and soul. Only He is the bestower of life and death.

The Holy Qur’an says, God gives life and only God causes death also. (39:42)

Some common people are very angry with Izra’eel (The angel of death). They do not even like to hear his name. They even condemn him though they know that these angels do not do anything of their own wish or authority. They have been employed by the Lord of the Universe and hence do everything by His order or command.

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