Ayatullah Al-Mar'ashi An-Najafi
Ayatullah Al-Mar'ashi An-Najafi

Born: 20 Safar, 1315
Died: 7 Safar, 1411

Ayatullah Sayyid Shahabuddeen Al-Mar'ashi An-Najafi was a model of piety. Whatever came into his hands, he spent it all on his library, Madrasah, students and teachers. His own expenses were kept within the limits of his small personal income. Hajj never became wajib on him.

Containing more than 300,000 books and more than 28,000 rare manuscripts, his library is world famous and an everlasting monument. Ayatullah Al-Mar'ashi An-Najafi's collection was all done single-handedly, sometimes selling his robe to buy a rare book.

Another academic memorial is his "Addenda" to Ihqaqul Haqq of the martyr Nurullah Shustari (Agra). The orignal work would not take more than 3 volumes. Ayatullah Al-Mar'ashi has extended it to 34 volumes.

He had the unique distinction of having Ijazah of riwayah from nearly 400 mashayekh- Shia, Sunni, Zaidiyah-ranging from Egypt and Jabal 'Amil to India and Indonesia.