Haji Gulamali Haji Ismail (Haji Naji)
Haji Gulamali Haji Ismail (Haji Naji)

Born: Bombay, 1864
Died: Bombay, 1942

Haji Naji has put the Gujrati speaking Shi'a world under his obligation for ever. Among the pioneers who separated from Aga Khan community, he dedicated his life to religion.

He started his Gujrati magazine, Rah-e-Najat, in Dhul Qa'da, 1310 A.H. from Bhavnagar, India. Four years later, he bought a printing press in Ahmadabad, and moved there.

He wrote and published nearly 300 books on tafsir, du'as, majlises, marthiyas, sermons anf fiqh. Even when his house was burnt down in November 1932, consuming all books and manuscripts and destroying the press, Haji Naji with exemplary fortitude established new press and Rah-e-Najat continued.

He died of heart attack in 1942 in Bombay.