Ayatullah Sayyid 'Ali Sistani
Born: Rabi'ul Awwal, 1349/1930

Ayatullah Sayyid 'Ali Sistani
Mashad was his place of origin and education, where he was born in a family renowned for its knowledge and piety, and where he studied until he joined Dars-e-Kharij of Mirza Mahdi Isfahani.

In 1368, he moved to Qum and attended the lectures of Ayatullah Burojirdi (in Fiqh and rijal) and Ayatullah Kuhkamra'i. Then in 1371, he went to Najaf and joined Dars-e-Kharij of Sayyid Mohsin Al-Hakeem, Shaykh Husain Al-Hilli and Sayyid Al-Khou'i. He attended the latter's Dars-e-Kharij in Fiqh and Usule-fiqh for more than ten years.

In 1380, he was given Ijazahs of Ijtihad by Sayyid Al-Khou'i and Shaykh Al-Hilli. In 1381, he started his own Dars-e-Kharij of Fiqh, using Al-Makasib and Al-Urwatul wuthqa as his main texts.

In 1384, he also began Dars-e-Kharij in Usule-Fiqh, and by 1411 had completed its third series. Ayatullah seestani's humility is reflected in his simple attire and small rented house in Najaf where he lives.