It is a great sin to eat or drink during the days of Holy Ramadhan, or deliberately commit acts which break the fast without a justifiable reason.

Anyone who leaves out a fast purposely has to give Qaza as well as Kaffara. The Kaffara for each fast is: either:

  1.      to free a slave.
  2. or: to fast for 60 days.
  3. or: to feed 60 poor.

If you choose to fast for 2 months as Kaffara, you will have to fast for 31 days together and thereafter, you can complete the balance of 29 days in your own time. However, you will not begin fasting your 31 days when you know there will be a day in between when it is Haraam to fast; e.g. You will not begin fasting your Kaffara at the beginning of Zilhajj as on the 10th of Zilhajj - Eid-ul-Hajj - it is Haraam to fast. A list of days when it is Haraam to fast is given in the notes.

If however, you choose to feed 60 poor, you have to give away food or grain which would be enough for a full meal. This can be in the form of wheat, barley or loaves. If a person breaks his fast by a Haraam acts like:

  1. drinking alcohol, etc; OR
  2. Attributing lies to Allah, His Prophet (S) and Masoomeen (A); he or she will have to give ALL 3 Kaffara together.