People Exempted From Fasting
There are of 2 categories:
  1. Those who will not fast and have no Qaza to give;
    1. Men and women who are not capable of fasting because of advanced old age are totally exempted. They do not have to give Qaza later.

    2. Those elderly people who find it very difficult to fast are also exempted; but they have to pay a redemption (Fidyah) of ONE MUDD (i.e. 3/4 kg) of food in lieu of each fast, to the poor and needy. It is recommended that preference be given to wheat or barley.

    3. A person who, due to certain illness, is unable to sustain and endure thirst, is exempted. However, in view of the sanctity of the holy month, he or she should not drink water to quench the thirst fully. Such a person will pay Fidyah in place of each fast, and will give Qaza if the illness is later remedied.

  2. Those will give Qaza later, when the holy month of Ramadhan is over.

    1. A mother in the advanced stage of pregnancy will not fast if fasting is harmful to herself or the baby. She will give Fidyah in place of the fasts and will give Qaza later.

    2. A mother who is nursing her child is exempted if she fears that fasting might reduce the supply of milk for the child. She will give Fidyah in place of each fast she has missed out and will give Qaza later.

    3. A lady in her period will not fast. In fact, she is forbidden to fast while in her periods. She will give Qaza later.