Lady Fatema (pbuh): The generous woman
Source: The Life of Fatima Blog - Ahlulbayt TV

"Fatima (pbuh) is part of me - what saddens her saddens me, and what pleases her pleases me" and "Fatima (pbuh) is one of the four greatest women" are two of the most often quoted hadith from Rasoolullah (pbuh) about his daughter sayedatina Fatima (pbuh).

It is also known that Rasoolullah (pbuh) would get up from his seated position when his daughter (pbuh) would enter the room, kiss her (pbuh) hand and make her (pbuh) sit in his (pbuh) position. It is therefore clear for any muslim or student of history to see that the prophet (pbuh) held his daughter Fatima (pbuh) with the highest regard. While these beautiful narrations clearly demonstrate that the prophet (pbuh) clearly held his daughter (pbuh) in such high regard, they do not explain why. Was it because she (pbuh) was his (pbuh) only daughter who bore him grandchildren?

Never. Why not? Quran chapter 53 verses 1-4 say clearly:
By the star when it descends,
Your companion [Muhammad (pbuh)] has not strayed, nor has he erred,
Nor does he speak from [his own] inclination.
It is not but a revelation revealed,

When Rasoolullah (pbuh) tells us of the status of his daughter (pbuh), it is because the status has been given to her (pbuh) by none other than the creator Allah (swt) and the prophet (pbuh) is merely informing us of this.

Again the question arises as to why this lady (pbuh) is held in such high regard. Fatima (pbuh) binte Muhammad (pbuh) has such a high status because of her sublime character. She was the perfect role model in every area of her life. It would be difficult for one to even do justice to her describing her qualities in any single area of her life but inshallah the following short examples from her life will help some readers understand Fatima Zahra (pbuh) from the perspective of her generosity a little better.

Fatima (pbuh) is that lady who gave her own wedding dress away in charity to a begger who knocked on her door. Why would a woman give away her own wedding dress before her wedding and choose to wear an old dress instead? When asked this question by her father (pbuh) she beautifully answered him (pbuh) that she remembered the verse of the Qu'ran ‘You cannot attain righteousness until you give to charity from the possessions you love. Whatever you give to charity, God is fully aware thereof.” - Chapter 3:92. Such was the generosity of this noble lady (pbuh).

This is the same noble lady (pbuh) who along with her father (pbuh), husband Amir ul Mo'mineen (pbuh) and sons Hassan (pbuh) and Hussain (pbuh) fasted for three days and on all three days gave up her food first for a begger, then for an orphan and then for a captive and broke her (pbuh) fast with bread and water.

Not only that - she (pbuh) is that lady who would always remember her friends and neighbours in dua before praying for her own family. With such generosity of spirit and sublime morals, it is of no surprise that the prophet (pbuh) has also said that ‘Fatima (pbuh) is the mistress of all the ladies of heaven”. May Allah (swt) grant us the intercession of Fatima (as in this world and the hereafter and even more importantly give us the tawfeek to use her as a role model in our daily activities. Ameen.