Prophet Yahya (A)
Prophet Yahya is a son of Prophet Zakariya (A). Allah bestowed this child with wisdom and knowledge in his infancy and appointed him His Prophet and Messenger.

From his childhood, Prophet Yahya (A) worshipped and glorified Allah. Among his qualities mentioned in the Holy Qur'an, is the fact that he was always kind to his parents and never spoke to them harshly. Prophet Yahya (A) is mentioned in the Bible as John the Baptist.

Prophet Yahya (A) was well versed in the Divine commandments as laid down in the Tawrat. He used to teach people the religious principles and urged them to stay away from sin. He was particularly serious in discharging his duties as a Prophet and would not hesitate to speak out if he thought that a wrong action was being committed.

One day, Prophet Yahya (A) found out that the Emperor of Palestine, Herodotus, wanted to marry his niece, Herodya. He was extremely annoyed, because this sort of marriage was against the religion and had been forbidden in the Tawrat. His views that this marriage should not occur began to spread around the country, and people began to gossip about the king's unlawful relationship with his niece.

Herodya wanted to marry the king without delay because she dearly desired to become Queen of Palestine. When she heard of Prophet Yahya's (A) objection to the marriage, she became his deadly enemy.

Once when the king was indulging in wine and music, she appeared in front of him in a shameless manner. The king became more infatuated with her than ever, and promised to give her anything she desired. She demanded that Prophet Yahya (A) be killed as soon as possible. The king, who had lost all control of his senses in his love for his niece, issued the order for murdering Prophet Yahya (A).

Soon afterwards, the king's courtiers brought Prophet Yahya (A) before the king and brutally murdered him. However, wherever the sacred blood of this noble Prophet of Allah fell, it began to boil. It was suppressed by heaps of sand, but it continued to boil. Finally, a sandhill was erected over it, but the blood still kept on flowing.

This miracle only stopped when Bakhtun Nasr invaded Palestine and avenged the innocent blood of Prophet Yahya (A) by putting 17,000 people of Bani Israa'il to death on that sandhill.