Signs Prayers (Namaaz-e-Ayat)
Sign prayers become obligatory when any of the following conditions are present:
  1. Solar eclipse (whether partial or complete).
  2. Lunar eclipse (whether partial or complete).
  3. Earthquake
  4. Thunder of the clouds and lightning, red and black cyclones and other similar occurrences, which normally creates fear in people.
The obligatory precaution is that besides the events mentioned the offering of Sign Prayers should not be abandoned in the event of certain terrestrial events, e.g. if the water of the sea recedes or the mountains fall, because of which people are usually frightened.

If there occur several events, which make offering of Signs Prayers obligatory, one should offer separate Signs Prayers for each occurrence.

If it becomes necessary for a person to offer a number of Signs Prayers it is not necessary for him, while offering the lapsed prayers, to specify the event, for which he is offering a particular lapsed Signs Prayers.

Offering of Signs Prayers is obligatory for the residents of only that town in which the event occurs, that is if you were able to see or feel it.

In the event of Solar or Lunar eclipse Signs Prayers should be offered when the eclipse commences and should not be delayed till such time that the sun or the moon may start coming out of the eclipse.

Signs Prayers is not obligatory for a women who is in Hayz or Nifas, and it is not obligatory for her to offer the Qaza of it.

If a person did not know about the sun or the moon eclipse, and came to know after the eclipse was over, he should offer its qaza if it was a total eclipse, and if he comes to know that the eclipse was partial, qaza will not be obligatory.

If Signs Prayers becomes obligatory on a person at the time of daily prayers, and if he has enough time at his disposal for both, he can offer any of them first. If the time for one of them is short, he should offer the daily prayers first.

If a person realizes during the daily prayers that the time for Signs Prayers is short, and if the time for daily prayers is also short, he should complete the daily prayers and then offer Signs Prayers. But if the time for the daily prayers is not short, he should break that prayers and first offer Signs Prayers and then offer the daily prayers.

If a person realizes while offering Signs Prayers, that the time for daily prayers is short, he should leave Signs Prayers and start offering daily prayers. After completing the daily prayers, and before performing any act which invalidates the prayers, he should start Signs Prayers from where he left.

Methods of Offering Signs Prayers
Signs Prayers consists of two rak'ats, and there are five Ruku in each. Its method is as follows: After making niyyat of offering the prayers, one should say takbir (Allahu Akber) and recite Surah-al-Hamd and other Surah, and then perform the Ruku. Thereafter, he should stand and recite Surah al-Hamd and a Surah and then perform another Ruku. He should repeat this action five times, and, when he stands after the fifth Ruku, he should perform two Sajdah, and then stand up to perform the second Rak'at in the same manner as he has done in the first. Then he should recite tashahhud and Salaam.

All the rules of the daily prayers also apply to the Signs Prayers.