The Stone of Victory - The Story of Taloot and Jaloot
by: Kamal al-Syyed | Translated by: Jasim al-Rasheed

Our prophet Harun (A. S.) died, and then our Prophet Musa died. They left behind them the inheritance of the Divine Message.

Musa (A. S.) left the children of Israel the Torah and Holy tablets.

Our prophet Musa put into a box the Torah and the tablets, and then he gave them to his successor Youshi' bin Noon, the young man Musa (A. S.) took with him when he went to Majjma` al-Bahrain.

Forty years passed; nevertheless the children of Israel walked about the Desert of Sina'. They were afraid of waging war against the pagan giants, who ruled the Sacred Land.

When Youshi' bin Noon became a prophet, many of the children of Israel had died. A new generation came. The generation was not afraid of war nor was it afraid of the giants.

For this reason, Youshi' bin Noon summoned this generation to liberate the Holy Land and they responded to him.

Youshi` bin Noon led the believers to wage war against the unbelievers. He defeated the unbelievers and entered the Holy Land.

The children of Israel established their state, but this state did not last for a long time. After the death of Youshi` bin Noon, the children of Israel returned to crimes and disdained the Testament.

When the faith of the children of Israel became weak, they became a weak nation, so they were unable to resist the attacks of the Egyptians, who overthrew their state and enslaved them.

Jaloot ruled the Holy Land. He killed the children of Israel and enslaved their women. Then he banished them from their land and took the Box of Testament from them.

In that period of time, Allah appointed Armiya (A.S.) as prophet and sent him to the children of Israel. Thus, Armiya preached to the children of Israel and reminded them of the teachings in the Torah.

He said to them: "You have become weak because the faith in your hearts has become weak. You love gold more than you love Allah, the Lord of the worlds. You are afraid of the pagans, but you are not afraid of Allah, the Glorified."

The children of Israel turned in repentance to Allah, and they returned to the teachings of their religion, so faith returned to their hearts.

One day some believers came to Armiya (A. S.) said to him: "Jaloot has defeated us and humbled us with his oppression. So ask Allah to send us a leader and king to fight under him in the way of Allah."

The Prophet (A. S.) said: "If Allah orders you to fight, will you obey Him?"

"Yes," they replied, "We will fight. Why won't we fight in the way of Allah and we have been banished from our houses?

The Prophet Armiya (A.S.) said: "I will pray to Allah for you."

A period of time passed; nevertheless the children of Israel waited for the order of Allah, the Glorified.

One day the prophet Armiya came and announced good news, saying: "Indeed Allah has sent you Taloot as a king.

Who was Taloot? What was his story with the children of Israel?


Taloot was a poor young man. He was one of the children of Benyamin, Yousif s brother.

Taloot worked on the farm with his father. One day their two donkeys run away, so Taloot looked for them.

He walked along the bank of the river. He walked for miles and miles till he arrived at another village. At that village lived the prophet Armiya (A. S.).

For this reason, Taloot went to the Prophet (A. S.) to listen to his teachings.

The Prophet gave good news to the children of Israel that Allah had sent them Taloot as a king.

In the distance, the children of Israel saw a tall man walking towards them, and they knew that the man was Taloot.

Taloot was a muscular man, but he was not deceived by his muscles. His eyes blazed with heavenly light. Their light reflected the faith and humbleness in his heart.

Greeting Taloot, the Prophet Armiya said: "You are welcome, Taloot. Allah has sent you to us to save the believers from oppression."

Taloot explained: "Allah's prophet, I have come to look for my donkey."

The prophet Armiya said: "Allah has wanted you to come here. Indeed Allah has appointed you a king over the children of Israel to rescue them from the oppression of the enemies."

Taloot said: "As you see, I am a poor young man. The people do not listen to the poor; they obey only the rich."

The Prophet Armiya said: "There is no relationship between money and leadership. Indeed Allah has given you a strong body and great knowledge, and He has chosen you for this task."

Taloot kept silent, for he thought that Allah had inspired the Prophet Armiya to say those words.

Some of the children of Israel were pleased with Taloot; some of them bore malice against him.

Taloot was a poor young man, and only the rich had the right to rule.

The rich asked: "How will he be a king over us? We are worthier in authority than him."

Armiya (A. S.) replied: "Allah has chosen him for authority, for he is stronger and more knowledgeable than you."

They said: "If Allah has chosen him for this task, we want a sign for that."

Prophet Armiya (A. S.) said: His sign is that he will bring you the Box of Testament in which there the inheritance of Musa and Harun."

They said: "How?"

Prophet Armiya said: "Go to the desert and you will see that with your own eyes."

The children of Israel kept silent. They had to submit to Allah's will, nevertheless they asked each other: "How will the Box of Testament come?"

The Prophet said: "The angels will come to you carrying the Box. Will you want a sign greater than that?"

The children of Israel went to the desert to see the exciting coming of the Box.

The awaited moment came, and the children of Israel saw saw the Box of Testament reflecting the light of the angels.

The angels put the Holy Box on the ground with care, so the children of Israel felt that tranquillity and faith entered their hearts. The Box of Testament, the sign of their glory, returned to them again.

Thus, Taloot became a king over the children of and the regulation prevailed their life.

The Test

Taloot announced that he prepared himself struggle in the way of Allah, and that the children of Israel had to get ready to wage war against Jaloot, the oppressive one.

Again the children of Israel broke their promise. They had asked the prophet Armiya to ask Allah to send them a king to fight under him in the way of Allah, and Allah, the Glorified, responded to them and chose for them Taloot.

When Taloot announced that he would struggle in the way of Allah, the children of Israel withdrew and broke their promise.

Only few people responded to Taloot, for they believed in Allah and obeyed their prophet and king.

As for the majority, they inclined to the life of abasement and slavery; nevertheless Taloot and the believers were able to form an army from the children of Israel.

Taloot declared that he would lead the army in the morning. When the sun rose, the soldiers got ready to advance towards the enemy. They firmly believed that they would defeat the unbelievers and recapture their land from them.

On his way to the enemy, Taloot said: "Soldiers, we will arrive at a river. Allah, the Glorified, wants to test you.

One of the soldiers asked: "Commander, what is the test?"

Taloot answered: "Do not drink from the river. Those who drink from it do not belong to me; those who do not drink from it belong to me except those who take a handful of it."

The army carried on walking till it arrived at the river.

Many soldiers ran towards the river. Some of them took a handful from it; some threw themselves into it and drank from it till they became full. Only few soldiers remained with Taloot and did not taste the water.

Taloot led them and they crossed the river.

The soldiers saw the army of Jaloot in the distance.

They saw Jaloot riding a big elephant and saw hundreds of soldiers walking in well-organized ranks.

Jaloot's Army was great and was supplied with the best weapons.

Jaloot was a fearful sight, for he wore an iron breastplate, and there was a helmet on his head, so he looked like a piece of iron.

Those who drank from the river said in fear: "Today, we are unable to fight against Jaloot and his soldiers."

As for those who did not drink from the river, they said in confidence: "How many a small group defeats a big group with Allah's permission, and Allah is with the patient."

All the children of Israel knew that Allah had tested their will with the river.

Those with weak will drank from the river, so their morale became weak. As for those with strong will and faith, they did not drink from the river, so their morale was strong.

The two armies met each other. As for Jaloot, he thought that he would defeat Taloot's Army. What happened?

The Stone of Victory

An old man and his four sons lived at the village of Bayt Lahm.

When Taloot announced the struggle in the way of Allah, the old man sent his elder sons to take part in the struggle, and he said to his young son: "As for you Dauwud, you must stay with me."

Dauwud asked his father: "Why? Father, do you not know that I love the struggle in the way of Allah?"

The father said: "You have no experience in war. However, I will permit you to carry food to your brothers and bring me news about the battle."

Dauwud rejoiced at that, thanked Allah for that, and then he followed Taloot's Army.

Musa's Breastplate

Allah inspired Taloot that the one who would kill Jaloot would wear Musa's breastplate.

Taloot announced that, so many soldiers came and wore Musa's breastplate, but no one was appropriate for it. In the meantime, Dauwud, the young boy, arrived.

He saw Taloot's believing Army fighting against Jaloot's unbelieving Army.

Jaloot was deceived by his forces; he had killed many heroes.

He asked Taloot's Army to advance against him, no one did.

Dauwud asked the soldiers about Jaloot and they said to him: "Look, he's over there."

Dauwud saw a tall man wearing an iron breastplate and helmet covering all his head and his face except his eyes. A spear and a sword were in his hands.

Dauwud said: "If Taloot permit me to take part in the battle, I will kill Jaloot, the unbelieving one."

Some soldiers smiled at him and asked him: "How will you kill him while you have no weapon? Will you, the young boy, kill him?"

Dauwud replied: "I fear no one except Allah, the Glorified; I believe in Him."

Jaloot mocked Taloot and his soldiers, for no one advanced against him.

At that moment, Dauwud walked forward Taloot and said to him: "I'm ready to fight with Jaloot!"

Taloot said: "You are still young and have no experience in war!"

Dauwud said: "I killed the wolf that wanted to attack my sheep and I had no weapon. Now, let me wear Musa's breastplate."

Taloot admired Dauwud's bravery and faith, so he took Musa's breastplate out of the Box of Testament and let Dauwud wear it.

Taloot was astonished to see that the breastplate was fully appropriate for Dauwud. Thus, he knew that Allah had chosen Dauwud, the young boy, to fight against Jaloot, the unbelieving one.

Dauwud advanced against Jaloot with a heart full of faith and bravery. He took nothing with him except a sling and a stone.

Jaloot was surprised to the see the young boy advancing against him without a sword or a spear.

Jaloot said: "Without doubt, you want to die, young boy! Do you think that we play with young boys?"

Dauwud answered: "Who said that? I have come to kill you!"

Jaloot asked Dauwud: "Where are your spear, sword, and weapons?"

Dauwud replied: "My weapon is faith and I fight against you in Allah s name."

Dauwud put a stone in the sling and got ready to fight against Jaloot.

Jaloot was covered with iron. When he moved, the ground under his feet shook.

Dauwud was not afraid of him; he was as hard as the mountain. Jaloot walked toward Dauwud. Dauwud got ready to throw the stone at Jaloot. All Jaloot's body was covered with iron except his eyes and forehead.

The soldiers watched a moving fight. The believers prayed to Allah for granting Dauwud a victory over Jaloot.

Dauwud threw the stone at Jaloot. No one saw the stone when it made its way through the air, but all the soldiers heard a wonderful sound. The stone hit Jaloot in the head.

Terrible moments passed, Jaloot was unable to walk forward. He staggered and fell on the ground.

The unbelievers were filled with terror when they saw Jaloot falling to the ground, so their spirits failed.

Thus, the believing young boy defeated the great military commander. It was the power of faith that defeated the manufactured weapons.

Thus, Jaloot's army was defeated, and Taloot and his soldiers won.

Peace prevailed and spread its white wings over the land, and faith returned to the hearts.

When Taloot felt that he was about to die, he appointed Dauwud (A. S.) as a king after him.

Now, lets read the following book to see what has happened.

In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful
002.247 - And their prophet said to them: Surely Allah has raised Talut to be a king over you. They said: How can he hold kingship over us while we have a greater right to kingship than he, and he has not been granted an abundance of wealth? He said: Surely Allah has chosen him in preference to you, and He has increased him abundantly in knowledge and physique, and Allah grants His kingdom to whom He pleases, and Allah is Amplegiving, Knowing.

002.248 - And the prophet said to them: Surely the sign of His kingdom is, that there shall come to you the chest in which there is tranquillity from your Lord and residue of the relics of what the children of Musa and the children of Haroun have left, the angels bearing it; most surely there is a sign in this for those who believe.

002.249 - So when Talut departed with the forces, he said: Surely Allah will try you with a river; whoever then drinks from it, he is not of me, and whoever does not taste of it, he is surely of me, except he who takes with his hand as much of it as fills the hand; but with the exception of a few of them they drank from it. So when he had crossed it, he and those who believed with him, they said: We have today no power against Jalut and his forces. Those who were sure that they would meet their Lord said: How often has a small party vanquished a numerous host by Allah's permission, and Allah is with the patient.

002.250 - And when they went out against Jalut and his forces they said: Our Lord, pour down upon us patience, and make our steps firm and assist us against the unbelieving people.

002.251 - So they put them to flight by Allah's permission. And Dawood slew Jalut, and Allah gave him kingdom and wisdom, and taught him of what He pleased. And were it not for Allah's repelling some men with others, the earth would certainly be in a state of disorder; but Allah is Gracious to the creatures.