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That Person

I Start in The Name of Allah, The Beneficent and Merciful

That Person has a bad smoking habit,
He's got lung cancer.
That person has a real drinking problem,
He's been in 7 car crashes.

That person has been to jail,
Stealing, I think.
That person is addicted to drugs,
Found with marijuana.

That person has killed his family,
Each of them found hung.
That person escaped from jail,
Sentenced 2 more years.

That person has no one,
To listen to what he has to say.
That person needs a friend,
To help him figure out his problems.

They all say he's crazy,
That he should be put in a mental hospital.
But as they take him away,
I say out loud: "NO, ALL HE NEEDS IS ISLAM."

by: Zehra Asghar (12)

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