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1.The Blood of Truth
The Blood of Truth - "And reckon not those who are killed in Allah's way as dead; nay, they are alive and are provided sustenance from their Lord; rejoicing in what Allah has given them out of His grace............" (Quran 3:169-170)
2.Aspects of the Life of Imam Husayn
Aspects of the Life of Imam Husayn, by: Sayyed Fadhil Bahr-ul-Uloom. Imam Husayn was Imam for a period of ten years and six months, coinciding with the rule of Mu'awiya. He lived under the most difficult outward conditions of suppression and persecution.
3.Horr (Battle of Karbala)
Horr (Battle of Karbala, by: Dr. Ali Shariati. Horr was the name of one of the high-ranking commanders of the army of Omar-e-Sad who faced the grandson of the Prophet of Islam to get the allegiance from the Imam.
4.Jihad and Shahadat
Jihad & Shahadat, by: Dr. Ali Shariati. The term "martyr", derived from the (Latin) root "mort", implies "death and dying", "Martyr" is a noun meaning "the one who dies for God and faith". Thus a martyr is, in any case, the one who dies. But a shahid is always alive and present. He is not absent. Thus the two terms, "shahid" and "martyr" are antonyms of each other.
5.The Life of Zaynab binte Ali
The Life of Zaynab binte Ali, daughter of Imam Ali and Lady fatema (a.s). A Brief Look At Her Life
6.Philosophy of Aza-e-Hussain
The History and Philosophy of Aza-e-Hussain by: Late Bashir Rahim. On the hot desert plains of Kerbala, Imam Husein called "Is there anyone who will come to assist us ?" Was he calling upon his few followers or was it a call to Muslims of every generation in every land.
7.The Betrayal in Kufa
Pin-drop silence prevailed in the mosque at Kufa where a large congregation had gathered to offer evening prayers. Outside the mosque the town-crier was reading out the proclamation. It is hereby proclaimed for the information of all the citizens of Kufa that any person found associating with Muslim, son of Aqil, will be considered a rebel against the Khalif.
8.The Bani Umayyah
Bani Umayyah had been sworn enemies of the Bani Hashim since the time when Hashim, the forefather of our Prophet (S), had succeeded in banishing his evil half-brother Umayyah from Makka.
9.The Martyrs of Karbala
Their faith in God, sincere devotion, dauntless courage, unconquerable fidelity, unfailing patience, charitable disposition, ideal consideration for life after death and the ever mindfulness of the Day of Judgement. They were divinely selected ones, ideal personalities with unique qualities and matchless gems which the world had ever seen. They were The Martyrs of Karbala.
10.The Triumph of Imam Husain (a.s.)
Islam gave to the world the wonderful spirit of Tolerance and Democracy at a time when empires were tearing one another to pieces, and force and hatred were the order of the day, and love and brotherhood had disappeared from the world.
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