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11.Sermon of Imam Husayn to the Army of Yazid
In order to remove any misconceptions in the minds of Yazid's army, the Imam addressed them on the day of Ashura before fighting commenced.
12.ZAINAB speaks in the darbar of Yazid bin Mu'awiyah
When Yazid bin Mu'awiyah openly rejected the Prophethood and started abusing the Holy Family in his court, Zaynab bin Ali, the courageous daughter of a courageous father, stood up and gave a very moving speech in response to Yazid's statements.
13.Ashura: A Lesson in Freedom
The month of Muharram brings with it the memory of a sacrifice the like of which is difficult to find in the history of Islam, indeed of mankind. Learn how the Imam thought us the Lessson in Freedom.
14.The Story of Choice!
The story is about a "choice", the most important manifestation of the meaning of human being. But what kind of choice? We are all faced with several choices in our everyday life: career, friend, wife, house, major.. But in this story, the choice is much more difficult: the good and the evil. And even so, not from a philosophical, scientific, or theological perspective. Instead, the choice here is between the truthful and the deceiving religion, between the just and unjust politics, with life being the price to pay.
15.Imam Hussain - The Martyr Of Islam
The struggle between justice and oppression and the clash between truth and falsehood is as old as human existence on earth. Almighty God chose and appointed under His prerogative, great Prophets and Messengers like Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon them all) to lead mankind towards the Right Path. he message they left is that the Right can never be subdued by the Might. The Might vanishes but the Right survives. Imam Hussain emulated the footsteps of the great Prophets of God and has left indelible mark in the history. His struggle against the injustices and oppression will never be forgotten.
16.Impacts of Karbala on the Vigilance of Muslims
Unlike a hasty approach to the event of Karbala which may reflect the idea that the revolution of Imam Husain was unfulfilled and it was an unsuccessful struggle, when we carefully study the historical events after the tragedy of Karbala we will, no doubt, come to the conclusion that the revolution of Imam Husain was not only successful in its own nature, but was also the major cause of all the revolutionary movements which took place after Karbala. In fact, Karbala, in the history of Islam should be regarded as a turning point in the reforming of Muslims . . .
17.Zainab - The Role Model of Courage and Dedication
Fatima Az-Zahra' (a.s.) was the supreme model of the Muslim women. She was infallible in her mind and spoke only the truth; infallible in her heart, which had no place except for good, and infallible in her life, which was driven by spiritual values that neared her to Allah. Her daughter Sayyeda Zainab(a.s.) was much like her mother having lived with her as a child and with her father as a young woman and then with her bothers, the two Imams; Al-Hassan and Al-Hussein.
18.Karbala: The never-ending battle
When terrorists plant a roadside bomb, target a busy marketplace, office building or shopping mall, we see the spirit of Yazid's army at work. When extremists kidnap someone and cut off his head, bomb a school full of children, or target a group of worshipers, we see the Battle of Karbala reenacted. Thus the Battle of Karbala rages on - never to be resolved until mankind sheds its last vestiges of bestiality and becomes completely human.
19.Philosophy of Azadari
The supreme sacrifice by Husayn bin 'Ali, his family and companions in Karbala is rightly considered as the epoch-making event in the history of Islam. No serious historian would question the event or its importance. In this article, I would like to understand and explain why Imam Husayn bin 'Ali (as) sacrificed his family and friends by refusing to pledge allegiance to Yazid bin Mu'awiyah.
20.If They Sever our Legs and Hands, We shall Crawl to the Holy Lands
Some push their parents in wheelchairs. People of all age groups trudge in the scorching heat of the sun during the day and in the bone-chilling cold at night. They travel across rough terrain, down uneven roads, through terrorist strongholds and dangerous marshlands. Without even the most basic amenities or any travel gear, the pilgrims carry little besides their burning love for "The Master" -- their Imam, Hussein. Flags and banners remind them, and the world, of the purpose of their journey. . .
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