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21.The Battle Of Khayber
After capturing the forts of Na'im and Qamus, the Muslims turned their attention to the forts of Watih and Sulaalim.
22.The Battle Of Moota
By 8 A.H. there was security in most of Arabia and the call of Islam had extended to many parts. ... The Holy Prophet (S) sent envoys to neighboring countries and invited their rulers to embrace Islam.
23.The Lapsed Umrah
When the Peace Pact of Hudaybiyah was signed, the Muslims were entitled to visit Makkah after a year ... Prophet declared that those persons, who had been deprived of visiting the Ka'bah a year earlier, should get ready for proceeding to Makkah.
24.The Battle Of Hunayn
The battle of Uhud had begun with the victory of the Muslims and had ended with their defeat; the battle of Hunayn began with their defeat and ended with their victory.
25.The Battle Of Ta'if
The Bani Saqeef were amongst the people who fought against Islam in the battle of Hunayn. After suffering a defeat in this battle, they took refuge in a strong fort in their own town.
26.The Battle Of Tabuk
Tabuk was the last Islamic campaign in which the Prophet took part. After that he did not participate in any battle
27.The Event Of Mubahila
On this historical occasion Islam emerged triumphantly against Christianity. This event also reveals the exalted status of the Ahlul Bayt.
28.The Conquest Of Makkah
In the eighth year of Hijrah the city of Makkah, which had been the centre of idol worship for a very long time, surrendered before the army of Islam and all the points of the city came under the control of the Muslim soldiery. With this victory Allah rescued this great city from the yoke of shirk (polytheism) and it became an Islamic city forever.
29.Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H.)
Many centuries had passed after the time of Prophet Isa and some of the people were still following Prophet Musa and yet some were following Prophet Isa but most of them had gone back to the dark ages of ignorance, barbarism and idol worshipping. It was during that time that Allah sent his last Prophet.
30.Prophete Muhammad (P.B.U.H.) (In French)
Prophete Muhammad (P.B.U.H.)
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