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11.Prophet Yahya (A)
Prophet Yahya is a son of Prophet Zakariya (A). Allah bestowed this child with wisdom and knowledge in his infancy and appointed him His Prophet and Messenger.
12.Prophet Zakariya (A)
Prophet Zakariya (A) was sent to the people of Bani Israa'il. He was a descendent of Prophet Ya'qub (A). He was well liked and respected ...
13.Lady Khadija (A)
Lady Khadija (A) was the first wife of the Holy Prophet (S) and the mother of Lady Fatima (A). She was born in Makka. Lady Khadija's life is simply inspirational and filled with her love of Allah, the Almighty.
14.Prophet Isa (A)
After thirteen hundred years from the time of Prophet Moses (PBUH), Allah sent Prophet Jesus (PBUH) to save the people from misguidance and sin. ... Prophet Isa's (A) mother was Bibi Maryam (A), but he had no father.
15.Prophet Musa (A)
A short while before Prophet Musa (A) was born, Fir'aun was told that a boy from the Bani Israa'il would soon be born and at whose hands Fir'aun's kingdom would be destroyed.
The unbelievers of Makkah had made life very difficult for the Muslims which resulted in the migration from Makkah to Madinah.
17.The Year Of The Elephant (Aamul Feel)
Abraha attacks Makkah. Abraha, the Governor of Yemen, wanted to destroy the Ka'aba and Allah sends down upon them flocks of birds, who showered them with stones of baked clay and destroy them.
18.The Change Of Qiblah
In Madinah, the Jews also said their prayers facing Baytul Muqaddas. They did not like the fact that the Muslims had the same Qiblah as they did, and tried to use this fact to discredit Islam and the Holy Prophet (S). Change of Qiblah was one of the manifestations of seeking distance from the Jews.
19.The Battle Of Ahzab (Khandaq)
The Jews of Bani Qaynqaa were expelled from Madinah because of their trouble making. ... made another great effort to destroy the Muslims. The Battle of Ahzab took place in winter. Madinah was faced with drought that year and a state of semi-famine prevailed.
20.The Pledge Of Rizwaan
This famous allegiance was taken under an acacia tree, and is known as the Pledge of Rizwaan. The event has been mentioned in the Holy Qur'an.
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