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1.The People Of Ras
The people of Ras lived between Azerbaijan and Armenia on the bank of the river Ras during the time just after Prophet Sulayman (A).
2.The People Of Sabt
Prophet Musa (A) had taught the Bani Israa'il (Jews) to designate one particular day for the worship of Allah. The people of Ela were mainly fishermen and fished the seas everyday except Saturday.
3.Prophet Yusuf (A)
Prophet Yusuf (A) was the son of Prophet Ya'qub (A). Prophet Yusuf (A) had 11 brothers. Prophet Yusuf (A) once dreamt that eleven stars and the sun and moon were prostrating to him. When Prophet Yusuf (A) reached the age of 16, his brothers insisted that he was now old enough to accompany them.
4.Prophet Ya'qub (A)
Prophet Ishaaq (A) married his uncle's daughter Rafqa, and they were blessed with twin sons, Isu and Prophet Ya'qub (A).
5.The Battle of Jamal
Ayesha declares herself as the avenger of the murder of Uthman and prepared to wage war against Imam Ali (A).
6.The Battle of Siffin
At Siffin, Muawiya had stationed his general, Abul Awr, with 10,000 men on the river to stop the access to water for Imam Ali's (A) army. ...
7.The Battle of Nahrawan
After the unsatisfactory conclusion to the Battle of Siffin, Imam Ali (A) returned with his army back to Kufa ... The group was furious at the way things had ended at Siffin.
8.The Hijrah to Abyssinia
When endurance was reaching its limits and persecution became unbearable, the Prophet advised a group of his followers to migrate to Abyssinia where a benign Christian king reigned. This was the first Hijrah (Migration) in Islam
9.Prophet Sulayman (A)
Prophet Sulayman (A) was the youngest son of Prophet Dawood (A) and inherited him. Allah granted him the greatest kingdom that any king has ever ruled over.
10.Prophet Dawood (A)
The Philistines were led by a fearsome commander, a huge man by the name of Jaalut (Goliath).Prophet Dawood (A) was present in the army of Taalut (Saul). He was only a young man at the time, and had not come to fight.
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