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1.Hajj (The Pilgrimage)
This 20th century masterpiece by one of the Muslim world's best known scholars is a wonderful spiritual preparation for those intending to perform the Pilgrimage. It differs from other books about the hajj in that it does not simply describe the rituals in detail, but rather it deals with the underlying philosophy behind them. It is important for those going for hajj to understand the concepts discussed in this book so it can be a much more meaningful experience. History will judge Shariati's Hajj as one of the most important documents of Islamic renaissance.
2.Hajj - The Islamic Pilgrimage
"And proclaim among men the pilgrimage; they will come to you on foot and on every lean camel, coming from every remote path, that they may witness advantages for them and mention the Name of Allah during stated days." Holy Quran. Effects and philosophy of Hajj, stages of Hajj, and a description of specific rites of Hajj.
3.Secrets of the Hajj
This work is a beautiful spiritual/irfani look at the Hajj - an aspect which most people neglect to study about in their preparations. While the Fiqh aspect of this act of worship is important, more so, the reason and philosophy must also be known - and this work elucidates upon these points drawing from the Qur'an and Ahaadith.
4.An Everlasting Instruction - Imam al-Husayn's ('a) Journey to Makka
In coming to Makka for Hajj we should not think that after performing the overt rites of Hajj we are absolved from our duties. Hajj is more then merely an individual worship.
5.The Spiritual Aspects of Hajj
A Complete Translation of Imam Zain al-'Abidin's ('a) Discourse on Hajj with Shibli
6.Revealed The Hajj
The Hajj to Mecca is undoubtedly one of the greatest religious gatherings on earth. It is the requirement in the Five Pillars of Islam which orders every able-bodied Muslim to complete ...
7.The Hajj
A video journal of a Muslim's pilgrimage to Makkah. Sensitive and appealing presentation and commentary about Islam by Ted Koppel.
8.The Hajj (Al Hajj)
A journey of a life time. Pilgrimage to Mecca. This is video is a classic. Shows what Muslims do durring hajj, teaches how to perform it and who is obligated to perform this duty.
9.Rules of conduct of The Hajj
O seeker of the Sacred House of Allah, that Allah, the most Great and the most Exalted, has various houses: this obvious Ka'ba, the sacred mausoleum in Jerusalem, the Ever-Inhabited House (al-Bayt al-Ma'mar), the 'Arsh, till the matter reaches the true house which is: the heart of the believer (mu'min), which is the greatest of all these houses. The reason why the hajj was mandated is to get to know Allah, to arrive at loving Him, feeling comfortable with Him...
10.Inside Mecca
Full Length Documentary following the journey of three different people travelling to the Haj. An Texan teacher, A South African Radio Host and an Indonesian Businessman.
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