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11.HAJJ: Pilgrimage To The House Of God
Hajj is one of the basic principles of Islam; its performance is one of its essentials, and its nonperformance is a major sin. The great antiquity of this house is undisputed. It had been throughout the ages, even before Abraham, the object of the greatest veneration.
12.Hajj - Manifestation of Unity
Of all the rites of religion, Hajj is the greatest in its manifestation of unity and tawhid. This is because the concept of unity, as expressed in creation, essentially involves the idea of universality.
13.Hajj and its Meaning
Hajj - the central pillar of the Ummah's unity and Islam's strength - is obligatory for all Muslims who are able to afford it. Hajj is a hope for salvation in this global society of corruption and moral pollution. We know that the world in which we live in man's spiritual assets are being plundered. The sublime spiritual virtues, being the only source of human dignity and a criterion for humanity, have lost their value and are gradually being removed from man's life.
14.Practical Tips for Pilgrims
Hajj is one of the 10 branches of Islam, the holy pilgrimage to Mecca that most Muslims long to embark upon at least once in their lives if circumstances permit. For those of us who have already been, we always tell others who are about to depart for Hajj where to shop, which fast food outlets to dine at, and which hotels to stay or not stay in while in Mecca and Medina.
15.Journeying to GOD
Alexander Khaleeli explores the mindset that pilgrims to God's House should cultivate to make the most of this sacred journey. . .
16.The Ka'ba: What Is It Really?
The Ka'ba is called Bait Allah, or "the House of God". But we know God needs no house and is not confined to any space. It is also called the first house of mankind. Yet no human is known to have ever lived in it, so what does that mean? It is certain that Prophet Ibrahim (peace be upon him) constructed the Ka'ba. But before he built it, when he moved Lady Hajra and Prophet Ismail (peace be upon them) to the empty desert, he said, "O Our Lord! I have made some of my offspring to dwell in a valley without cultivation, by Thy Sacred House...
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