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1.Doubts in Connection with Prayers
Doubts that if occurred may nullify the Prayers.
There are 7 types of wajib Ghusl: Janabat; Haiz; Nifas; Istihaza; Maiyit; Masse Maiyit; Ghusl of nazar, qasam or Ahd. There are two ways of doing Ghusl: ...
Najasaat: things which are considered unclean by Shariah
4.Negative Attributes Of Allah
Attributes which cannot be found in Allah.
5.Perfect Names and Attributes of Allah
It is not possible to perfectly translate the names and attributes of Allah from their original Arabic into English. However, here are some fairly close explanations.
6.Positive Attributes Of Allah
Positive Attributes Of Allah. ... The positive attributes which are befitting Allah are many in number, but eight of them are listed.
7.Prayer of Ehtiyat / Sajadah-e-Sahv
What to do when there are certain doubts which occur in the daily prayers.
8.Purifying Things
There are 12 things which make impure objects pure.
9.Signs Prayers (Namaaz-e-Ayat)
The rules and method of Signs Prayers (Namaaz-e-Ayat)
When should Tayammum be performed instead of Wudhu or Ghusl. Find out more...
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