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11.Life After Death
Death is a word dread by most of the people, but little do they realise, that everything which comes into existence from nothing, has to perish, decay or die one day.
There is a life after death. We will all die and we will all be raised again after death on the Day of Judgement and will be judged accordingly.
13.Wajibat Of Prayers
Wajibat, or Essential Acts of prayers.
14.How to perform Salat
How to perform Salat - step by step
15.How to perform Wudhu
A Muslim is required to perform ablution (Wudhu) before Salat. Read more to learn how to perform Wudhu.
16.What You Should Do Just Before Death
Some of the things which all believers are either required or strongly urged to do just before death by the shariah.
17.Fundamentals of Islam
Fundamentals of Islam
18.Islamic Teachings in Brief
Islamic Teachings in Brief
19.Rules Related to a Dying Person
"Every soul shall taste death". Learn about the rules related to a Dying Person
20.Halaal And Haraam Food And Drinks
Since food and drink are essential for the survival of humanity, Allah has given clear guidelines on what can and cannot be consumed.
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