Say Alhamdulillah [praise be to Allah.]
We are thankful to Allah
Praises to the Prophet Muhammad, the Messenger of Allah Obedience is the sign of being thankful, anywhere, anytime
Being thankful can be seen throughout our actions and attitude
Let us together be thankful, to Allah we should be grateful
Being thankful is noble, refrain from the album greed and gluttony feeling content with what we have
When our hearts are calm we will be at peace
Let us practice feeling thankful
Live in happiness, peace and prosperity
Thank Allah with praises, there are many ways to give thanks Obedient with prayers and working diligently
Helping one another and being caring
Smile always and give charity
Let us do good deeds together
Together we nourish the feeling of being grateful

Lyrics: Ain
Taken from the album Raihan Syukur