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We belong to Allah
The earth on which we walk
The sky above so high is Allah’s work
To Him we belong, to Him we’ll return
Ya Allah, to You I pray
What did you bring me in this world for?
To live for Islam and You, Allah
Obey our Prophet, Rasulullah (S)
The air that we breath
Everything we see
Is created by Allah
So why do we live?
And why do we die?
It’s all for Allah, don’t you see?
Shaytaan will try to make us stray from Islam
But we are strong, we have imaan
Together we’ll stand as Mussalmaan
O Allah, keep us on the straight path
All over the world
They see that we are strong
In our beliefs
They’ll try to bring us down
And make us lose imaan
For Allah’s sake, I will fight for our Islam
As in the times of the Sahaba
They fought for the Prophet and his Ummah
They fought for the pleasure of You, Allah
Brothers and sisters so must we
Repeat 1

Taken from the album Children of Heaven

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