We begin by saying Bismillah
we end by saying Alhamdulillah
That is how we live our day
May Allah give blessings to our way
We should start work with only one intention
to earn Allah's affection
so that he will give us ease
and we will always be in grace
Our hearts will then feel peace
and content with what we receive
Good and bad are both from Allah
but it is us who make the choice
Good deeds will take us to heaven
disobedience only brings punishment
Only Iman (faith), Amal (actions) and Taqwa (piety)
can act as our provisions
Knowledge is the light that shines in darkness
From sound knowledge will come good actions
good actions will bring kindness
Helping each other, working together
the wealth we receive, we give in charity
We will live our lives happy, in harmony

Lyrics: Ain/Nasser/Farihin Abd Fattah.
Taken from the album Senyum